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Effective Targeted Advertising

It's a proven fact that people will pay more attention to a video ad than a print ad. At Widdy Vids we are pros at choosing the right images and background music for your business to get the attention it deserves.


Creative Experts...Sort Of

There are a lot of adjectives to describe the team here at Widdy Vids. We are lighthearted and positive.  We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we do take your business goals seriously.  We are hilariously funny, at above-average intelligence, we dress well and some of us can even juggle, but mostly we are humble.  Oh, and sarcastic.


Competitive Pricing...Probably

We don't even know if there are other companies doing what we do and if so, what they charge.  Fact is, we don't care.  We just love what we do and charge what we feel is fair, but if you find a better deal for the same service, let us know.  We won't back down from a price challenge and we aren't looking to take our piggy bank on a luxurious beach vacation.


All packages come with 3 files - wide, square and vertical (see below)

15-20 Seconds


Attentions spans can be short and so we offer... SQUIRREL!

Sorry, what were we talking about?

These shorts are usually $50 or less.

30-60 Seconds


Sometimes the message you're trying to convey needs a little more umph. Is that a word?  Never mind.  It doesn't matter.  

Only your business matters!  

These are priced around $75 usually.

Custom Editing


If you have your own video or your own music, we can turn it into a clip ad for you. Cost will vary per project, but an expectation of around 

$150 would probably be in the ballpark.

Wide Screen

Great for posting to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or uploading to your own website.

Square Screen

Good for Instagram and Twitter

Vertical Screen

Good for sharing mobile to mobile or posting on site that are not mobile responsive.

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